Getting the most out of your class

IMAG0528Ok so you have been going to your yoga class for some time now or perhaps you have just started to attend a class on a regular basis.  How do you get the most out of each session?

Well the obvious thing is to get to class on time.  This may sound silly but you would be surprised by the number of interruptions you can find that stall you in your efforts to get to class with enough time to settle yourself.  You do not want to be stressing yourself rushing to get to your yoga class where presumably part of the practice is really to de-stress!!!

Make an appointment for yourself to be at your yoga class.

When you get there leave all the complexities of your life at the door with your shoes.   Remember yoga is about exploring your body, your breath and developing a relationship with yourself…getting to know who you really are.

You can set an intention or sankalpa for the class.  For example it may be that you want to explore what is happening with your left hip or  to be more compassionate with yourself or just to stay with the practices and not let yourself be drawn into the distractions of mind.

If you have any new injuries or health concerns be sure to arrive with enough time to let your teacher know.  He or she should then be able to suggest modifications for some of the practices or provide alternative practices.

Stay with the breath  and the movement.  If your mind wanders then gently bring it back.  Use the breath to help you ease into and stay in postures.  Do not force or start comparing your range of movement with others. …remember it is your yoga.

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