What my students say

I began yoga classes with Karen at the beginning of 2011, so consider myself to be a novice. My experience over the past year confirms my belief that the benefits from yoga certainly reflect the concept of a holistic approach to health.  It  has such a positive impact on our ability to deal with the stresses of our busy lives.
Time spent not only improving our physical health, but also our emotional and spiritual health is time well spent indeed….. and it is fun!


As a Yoga teacher Karen is very good at connecting with each of her students and is always able to provide modifications, if a pose if difficult in some way. This is always done in a positive way and when she explains a pose she gives very clear instructions often with complementary options.

The poses she chooses  cover the physical  aspects of strength, flexibility and balance. Karen’s Yoga classes always include breathing techniques and meditation which is greatly enhanced by her very calming nature and voice. Overall she helps me feel I have a heightened awareness of myself mentally and physically.

At the end of a class I  feel energised physically and emotionally as well as feeling completely relaxed in body and mind.


I can come to a yoga class feeling hurried, tense and distracted, yet always leave with a sense of well-being and balance, as though body, mind and spirit have been realigned.


I have been practicing yoga under the instruction of a  yoga teacher for the past 7 years and made fabulous friends through the classes I’ve attended. Yoga practice incorporates exercise, focus and meditation in one session and what I love about yoga is that it’s philosophies can be applied to all aspects my life.

 Compared to when I first started I am stronger and more flexible both in body and mind. Karen’s classes are well thought out, varied and adapted to suit everyone’s individual needs.