Your teacher

Karen Bartsh (Chittashakti) lives locally  in Beechworth and has been practising  yoga for over 19 years.  She is an accredited yoga teacher having completed a 2 year Diploma in Yoga teaching  in 2011  at the Mangrove Yoga Ashram.  This Diploma includes studies in Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Science as well as extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of all aspects of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra and how to teach these safely and systematically.

Karen’s own experience of using the practices of yoga to regain health, strength and  flexibility  after a serious illness has given her a greater understanding of the ways in which yoga can be incorporated into your life even when you are quite physically and emotionally depleted.

As well as weekly classes Karen is able to conduct private fitness appraisals and offer people a personalised fitness program that is yoga based.