The Sankalpa or resolve in yoga nidra is a short positive statement that you make for yourself. It requires you to contemplate the most important goal in your life.   According to Sw Niranjan “it is a process of training the mind to develop the will and to develop clarity of thought”. The Sankalpa then works to sustain motivation and drive as you work toward your goal.

It is not just a wish such as “I wish to become that” but a conviction that “I will become that”.  In that way Sankalpa is not just a thought but a power or force.

By repeating it three times at the beginning of yoga nidra (when the body and mind are relaxed) and toward the end this force is implanted into the subconscious mind. When you make your Sankalpa at this stage you are surrounded by your own feelings and expressions of your inner spirit.

Sw Niranjan says that

 “Your Sankalpa is not only thinking you are that, but striving to become that.  It is taking a step forward and once you take a step forward, stepping back has no meaning.”

You do not need to have a very big Sankalpa…you can start with something small but the more positive and optimistic you are then the more strength you gain and the further you will go.

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