What is Yoga?

Yoga emerged from the ancient Vedic traditions of ten thousand years ago or more. It was in response to the desire to to understand the various aspects of human experience, from the physical through to the more subtle aspects of human existence. Yoga today is a science of understanding and working with your body and mind. 

Through yoga, people find their own fundamental identity and so are able to discover the peace and strength needed to live in a complex, ever-changing world. Yoga provides an approach for managing all the aspects of our being, from our health through to our sense of purpose and meaning.

When we think of yoga, we mean development of the human personality in every aspect.  When we practice yoga, we practise it for attaining balance, harmony and equilibrium in all aspects of our personality and expression.                               –  SWAMI NIRANJAN


2 responses to “What is Yoga?

  1. Thank you for all that interesting information about Yoga. Can you tell me a little about yourself, such as what training you have undertaken and any experience you have in teaching yoga. Also it would be great to know what classes you are planning for next year.

  2. Hello Kerry
    Thanks for checking out my site and your feedback. I am still in the process of building Beechworth Yoga and certainly appreciate any constructive comments. I have added a couple of pages which should answer some your questions and I am still working on a timetable for classes for next year.

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